• Omage

    Mobile physical game made during Global Game Jam in Sofia, Bulgary omagegame.wordpress.com Every year, family Bouwens celebrated Oma’s (Grandmother) birthday. It was a tradition to spend the weekend in a Belgium villa, located near an amazing forest. On Saturday night, the family would head for the forest. Armed with a flashlight, cousins, siblings and other family members would hide between the trees, in bushes and behind trunks. Their aim… flashing their light into an opponents face. If your face was seen by someone else, you lost the game. As a homage to this ritual, and a testament to Jack’s late grandmother (1926-2016 Januari 30th), we created Omage (a homage to Oma). Like Jack’s family, players are invited to head for the dark forest. Using their phone they will hunt opponents’ faces by capturing them with their camera. Since this game is best played during the night, players have to engage their phone’s flashlight, heightening the tension of see or be seen. After a 10 minute round, players gather and exchange experiences. They show each other the pictures taken and laugh about the weird photos. Pictures that do not show a face (two eyes, a mouth and a nose) are discarded. The person with the most unique face-pics wins.