A game about my happy places. Playable on Gamejolt [link]


BeatBounce is a 4-player music game developed by Samuel Vonäsch, Aurelio Lucchesi, Jack Hoefnagel. The game as well as our custom built controller were developed in five days for the Social Sound Workshop in Zurich ...

Zombie Audio Shooter

Audio-only zombie shooter prototype. Play it here: [link]  

Phone Home

A game for two players whose goal is to navigate an invisible maze to find and reconnect with each other. The game takes place on a touch-responsive glass wall with no visual indicators. The paths, ...

Moskito Beat

WebGL, iOS & Android music game to teach kids to read sheet music


Mobile physical game made during Global Game Jam in Sofia, Bulgary Every year, family Bouwens celebrated Oma’s (Grandmother) birthday. It was a tradition to spend the weekend in a Belgium villa, located near an ...

Wobble Rocket

Crazy wobbly multiplayer rocket shootout! Blast each other silly in a platformer arena, shoot ridiculously oversized rockets, get sucked into black holes, get CRAZY! Play it here!

Bop’s Quest

Bop’s Quest is a game made for Hospital Records/Med School Drum&Bass artist Bop, made in collaboration with Samuel Vonäsch (Elephantatwork) Play the game here!


Pace is a game about saying goodbye where you choose when.. You can play it on your mobile phone at – Pace (WebGL Mobile) “Pace tries to make the player aware of his/her own ...

Swerve (Tiny Wings 3D, work in progress)

Playable here: [link] Started as a 3D version of Tiny Wings (accelerate by pressing down on slopes). Personal project, work in progress


Flow around in a pond, keep your home healthy, and explore! Play it on Or check out the Global Game Jam entry here!

Halli Galli & Halli Clack

Touch-screen (Windows, iOS & Android) versions of the boardgames Halli Galli & Halli Clack. Worked on game & interaction design, graphic design and animation, when I worked at Omnivision Studios.

Tangibility Project

The Tangibility Project is an initiative to explore virtual sensation on touch-screen devices. Go to the project page by clicking this link By developing interactive audio-visual applications for touch-screens with specific simulations of real-world touch interactions, this ...

Interface Research (VR)

This research has been set up in order to explore the strengths and weaknesses in new virtual reality hardware for interactive storytelling and gaming. Visit the project page here! By exploring various devices, researching interface theory, ...

Architectural Visualization

I created an interactive application in the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) to view an architectural model made by Lenne Van Schie. It took about a week to learn to use UDK, texture, optimize and lighting ...

Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit

An interactive music video/visualization made in co-operation with Aurelio Lucchesi and Samuel Vonäsch. Check out the video! Music credits go to Flying Lotus (

Game Noir

“Game Noir” is my master’s graduation project, which entails two Kinect game prototypes: Feel and Compulsion. Game Noir was an attempt to create a kind of virtual sensation simulator, and explore some narrative and emotional possibilities of ...