Ballistics Clone Game Devlog

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how I made this Ballistics Clone game
Play the game here:

Plotted a Curve in Blender 2.9
Extruded the line very very small, so that Unity will pick this up as a mesh (Unity doesn’t accept single lines). This mesh will become the centerpoint for the track, to use as CinemachineSmoothPath and as the placement for the obstacles.
Distributed an object along the curve using Instancing -> Faces. Unity will pick these objects up with the right position and rotation.
Basically generating a lot of Transforms to use as obstacle spawn points.
Then, by using some code (below), I transfer the positions of the vertices from the extruded curve to Waypoints in the CinemachineSmoothPath script.
I take every fourth vertex point (because triangles) from the generated mesh and add them to a list of Vector3 points,
And I transfer them to the CinemachineSmoothPath Waypoints list.
By using Cinemachine’s Dolly Cart script, I move the player object along the path. I wrote “Dolly Cart Behaviour” to handle the braking and accelerating (modifying DollyCart’s speed)
On the left, you can see that the Sphere (player) is below the pivot point of the PlayerContainer. If I rotate PlayerContainer, the Sphere will rotate around the centerpoint, and well aligned with the track’s walls.

Then just write some collision scripts and connect them to the DollyTrack accelerate/brake script, let a Cinemachine camera follow the player, spawn obstacles along the waypoints, simple Rotate() for the PlayerContainer, and we have ourselves a game!


Game Noir Project page



This is the tutorial scene

Restaurant Scene – Do you love me?

Restaurant scene

Park Scene – Relationship?

Park scene

Train Scene – First meeting

Train scene


Ending 1

Ending 2

Ending 3

Story, choices & consequences






Style elements